Pumpkin Streusel Muffins (Whole Wheat)

Fall is such a double-edged sword for me. I love being assaulted with pumpkin and apple EVERYTHING when I walk into literally any store. I do mean literally – everyone from Bed, Bath, & Beyond to Walmart whips out their best pumpkin spiced air fresheners for sale. Yet, I’m cold freezing if the weather dares drop below 68°. Thus, I prefer to enjoy the tastes of fall during my nice, hot summers. Today, I have for you a Pumpkin Streusel Muffin, drizzled with a cinnamon glaze on top! Believe me, this is so tasty you’ll easily forget it’s 90° outside and find yourself reaching for hot apple cider to wash it down with.


Before you embark on this delectable journey, I do have a few tips! Firstly, I generally detest paper liners of any kind. However, I saw these funky animal print ones in Target and I simply couldn’t resist. These muffins work best without any liners and placed directly into a liberally greased pan. I find that muffins and cupcakes pop right out of the tins if you grease or nonstick spray it enough! I absolutely hate wasted food, and it drives me insane when the batter sticks to the paper. As a layer of the muffin get peeled away with the paper, it’s like a chunk of my soul went right with it. Yet, if you have plenty of PAM, which thankfully I do, you can also just spray your paper liners before dropping in the batter.

I was too cheap and lazy to go buy nice Wilton piping bags today. They’re incredibly easy to recreate though if you have a large sized Ziploc bag! I prepare my glaze in a measuring cup so that I can then pour it directly into the bottom of the Ziploc. When you’re ready to glaze, simply gather it in one corner, snip a small hole in that corner with a pair of scissors and TA-DA! You now have artfully drizzled glaze on your streusel muffins.

You might be wondering about the long bake time for the muffins. These have quite a bit of pumpkin puree in them, 1 and a half cans to be exact, which is the cause for that. This boosts the health factor and creates an insanely moist muffin (sorry to those of you that head the dreaded ‘moist’ word – promise I’ll look up synonyms tonight). It’s almost more moisture than actual muffin, but I love it.


You just made yourself some fancy looking muffins! Go wild and display ’em! Enjoy 🙂