Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits (Whole Wheat)

I am a little bit of a cinnamon junkie. Or a lot of bit. You are probably going to find it incorporated into almost every one of my recipes. I even put obnoxious amounts on top of my cereal – leaving me with some chunky, dirty looking milk (still worth it). Although I’m sure I really sold that last idea to you, I present to you instead a wonderful recipe in which cinnamon is added in a more subtle fashion. My cinnamon raisin biscuits are one of my favorite treats for breakfast! These really whip up in a snap. I always wake up before my boyfriend Alec and I’m able to have these fresh out of the oven before he even stirs. Truly, you’ll spend longer refrigerating the dough (10 mins), than you will actually baking it (9 mins)! They split in the middle like a dream, begging to have butter slathered on them. If you really want to take your breakfast game over the edge, finish the buttered biscuit off with a drizzle of honey. If you’re crazy like me, you can shake even more cinnamon on top.


The best part about making these is that you barely have to knead the dough. The more unincorporated chunks of butter in your dough, the better! Read on for this easy recipe! 🙂



Cheddar Herb Biscuits a la Red Lobster (Whole Wheat-ified)

If someone offered me $1,000,000 with the one condition being that I had to give up cheese, I would probably choose cheese.

One of my favorite indulgent snacks is the cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. For anyone that shops at BJs Wholesale, you’ll know that they sell a boxed version of these little devils that you can make at home.


Truly, it’s like purchasing a heart attack; a delicious one, but a heart attack all the same. After checking out the ingredients on the back, I thought I could definitely recreate these in my whole wheat style. I vowed, however, not to skimp on the butter because although I am pro health, I am no Mother Theresa.

I have to say, I love my whole wheat version and I think you will too! There is all the same buttery, cheesy goodness that we’ve come to love. BUT, with all of the added fiber and protein from the wheat, I don’t feel nearly as bad about it. As a little FYI, for the butter glaze that you brush on top of the biscuits, I actually used melted Smart Balance butter and thought it was delicious!

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I hope you enjoy as much as I did! 🙂